The people who stand behind Mindful Madness

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Harald 'HarryCane' Bartsch

Founder & Leader

My guiding principle and motivation for founding Mindful Madness were to give people the means and opportunity to achieve their goals. This still holds true today and is the core of our work as an organization. I am very blessed to be surrounded by a great community of like-minded, smart, and ambitious people, which makes me very excited for the future of Mindful Madness!
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Arne 'Griffin' Katt

Community Leader

From day one I've been lucky enough to have been part of the incredible team, that raised Mindful Madness from its infancy to the continously growing community it is today. My original intention, of only participating competitively as part of a Rocket League Roster, soon shifted and became secondary to the immense pride of being part of something bigger, something way more fulfilling. The galvanizing and relentless motivation oozing from the MM-Family infected me as well and pushed me further than I thought possible.
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Patrick 'Bockal' Reschützegger

Technischer Admin, Dad & Allrounder

When I met Harry for the first time at a LAN, I knew right away that I didnt want any further business with this guy. Three months later I found myself playing for his Clan as part of the second eSports Team. Nowadays I'm leaving the eSports scene for the younger players to explore and have set my focus on supporting the management to the best of my abilities. It's wonderful to see how fast the community has grown and I'm hoping that this positive trend wont stop anytime soon.
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Sven 'Gorian7' Seiler

Rocket League Supervisor

To be honest, I don't know how I ended up in the management. The team made a competent and sympathetic impression on me since the beginning, so I gladly took up this challenge. As the Rocket League Supervisor, I'm trying to help everyone wherever I can and I want to offer the members an area where everyone can create their own team, whether they're pros, or just playing for fun. Mindful Madness has convinced me from the beginning. I think it's great that everyone is welcome here and I know we will achieve a lot together in the future.
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Tim 'Tilloh' Lohse


As a gamer, i was looking for a home community a long time. Last year i became aware of Mindful Madness which at the time was in its early hours. The simplicity and kindness in all conversations made me want to participate. As a developer i am responsible for the website and general infrastructure. I am really proud to be part of Mindful Madness and especially a group of great people.